DiscJuggler Mp3 Cd-da Plays Double Speed

I sent a support e-mail to padus, but I assume I won’t hear anything until Tuesday…
I used the network console to burn a 32kbps/22050/16-bit/mono mp3 and there was no error, but the cd plays back at double-speed (like the chipmunks). I’m guessing it could be that mono is the problem, but I don’t want to re-encode the files.
Is there a way around this (other than the obvious “use a different program”)?
Below is the .job file that I’m using.

Server = “duplicator”
SourceType = “*”
DiscType = “CD-DA”
Label = “Y”

Text = <Data: “0402”> <TextPosition: “Y=10”> <Align: “Center”>
Text = <Data: “The Receiving Heart”> <TextPosition: “Y=15”> <Align: “Center”>
Text = <Data: “01”> <TextPosition: “Y=20”> <Align: “Center”>
Text = <Data: “The Conditions Of The Heart”> <TextPosition: “Y=25”> <Align: “Center”>

<Src: “\laptop\c$\download\0402-TheReceivingHeart-01-TheConditionsOfTheHeart.mp3”>

I received an e-mail reply this morning (Sunday). That’s pretty cool, being Memorial Day weekend and all.
It said that they don’t support mono mp3s. I wonder if there is a workaround, though.