Discjuggler is taking Forever

I was just trying to make a backup of my call of duty game. I am using discjuggler at the moment. It is taking forever. Its been about 30min and only on 3%. Is this how it works? Thanx

Hi there mr. Holmes,

Actually, DJ is not a very good programs to use with copyrighted discs. There are other programs (like CloneCD, Alchohol 120% and Blindwrite) that are made for this discipline of CD copying.

It is, for example, possible to copy COD with a Plextor Premium and the latest version of Alchohol 120%. As you can see, I mention a writer there. Why? Because the reading/writing drive has to have certain capabilities to read/write a protected disc!

So here’s a question for you? What hardware (optical drives) is in your system?

Thanx for the response. I use a sony dru500a and have recordnow max. I have nero but not to fond of it. I used to just backup my game and use a no-cd patch. Everything is fine. I am trying to backup my call of duty but not to successful. First one I have had trouble with. I will try some of the programs you listed.

Yes, use any of the programs I mentioned… but, before you do so, search around (use our Search function) to see what protection is on your disc, what software can handle this protection with what settings and if your writer is capable of doing this protection.

It requires a little bit of work, but it pays off… and euh… NoCD cracks are illegal :wink:

@ Dee-ehn

Isn’t COD Safedisk V3??? I was not aware the plex prem could copy this cd protection correctly.

DJ has worked for me for safedisc ever since Safedisc original. Use fast error skip.


Hey guys, I am new to these backup tools. My question is how do you guys use safedisc? I looked at tutorilas, and couldnt quite understand. Do you add this file to a burning program? Or scan the original disk? I hope this doesnt sound like a stupid question.

Safedisc is the form of copy protection implemented on your CD. Ideally it is read into your cd image as you make it, and thus no modification is needed afterwards. When you start a rip of a Safedisc cd, make sure you turn on fast error skip.