DiscJuggler good?

Is DiscJuggler a good cd-burning program? I’ve heard it can burn Dreamcast games whether in backup or bootable (which is why Im interested). So how does it compare to Nero? or even EasyCD

It’s an outstanding general mastering program but has a fairly steep learning curve. Well worth the effort though.

No idea if it can successfully copy dreamcast games but with suitable hardware can cope with any version of safedisc released to date (including sd 2.9), securom and securom new (but not securom 4.8x), libcrypt protected psx and ps2, and cd+g (karaoke). In theory can also handle laserlock and ring protech but definitely not recommended for those and may not work anyway.

How does it compare with nero and easycd as a mastering app? Well, aside from its ability to handle a number of copy protections, it has one huge advantage in that it’s practically bug-free. :smiley:

Disadvantages compared with nero and easycd? Essentially two.

  1. It is not an app for beginners and has a steep learning curve. However, there are a number of tutes on Padus’ site dealing with common tasks and support is excellent (OK, that’s enough grovelling to Joel Peterson) and once you’ve worked out how to make it do what you want it to, it isn’t all that difficult.

  2. It cannot burn a (s)vcd from mpeg files that you can play in a stand alone player. However, it can burn bin/cue images so you can always convert mpegs to bin/cue images with VcdEasy or VcdImager if you want to use dj to burn that type of cd.

Give the trial version a try. Once you’ve learnt to use it, I doubt that you’ll be disappointed.

hmmm… sounds great

I have to confess I only heard of DiscJuggler because it can Burn DC games. Plus, when checked the Padus site, it still supports my old external-usb writer: Acer External 4406EU. I’m going to use it to make the backup of DC Soul Calibur to a bootable copy.