Discjuggler freezing

I have the most current version of discjuggler, and a lite-on 24x10x40. While burning .cdi’s, if the buffer falls to 0%, the burning stops, and instead of resuming once its rebuilt, the drive light goes orange, and the drive will not respond, nor can I abort the operation. Has any else had this problem, and is it solveable?

Your burning speed is to high…I don’t know if it’s a bug in DiscJuggler,but it seems that the program doesn’t support the SmartBurn buffer underrun protection from the LiteOn…Lower your burning speed to +/- 16X,even with 24X certified media…
Did you try DiscJuggler4 too?:slight_smile:

Nope, haven’t tried it yet, dont have the cash to purchase, and alas, I’ve found no crack :slight_smile:

Same problem wit speed
I’ve a Plextor 241040A

It’s supposed to start writing at 16x -> 20x -> 24x
but it writes like this… 16x -> 20x -> till the end of disk
it didin’t jump to 24x

I’ve Padus Discjuggler 4 and this bug continues
Reported to Padus and they say it’s impossible…
They even told me that Plextor don’t supports 20x writting…
It’s kinda odd since plextor explains its drivre capabilities and refers to the 20x writting speed… in the BURNPROOF explanation for example…

The burning issue has been solved
24x writing speed is now possible with plextor 241040 and other burners

the bug of burning images using DJ as a simple workaround
instead of double clicking on the image open disckjuggler and go to option BURN IMAGE
then open the image and… give it a go!!!

This soft is cool