Discjuggler Audio Settings

system configuration is:

Windows XP Pro Sp2
Nforce 2 Ultra 400 chipset
Plextor Premium fw1.06
Discjuggler v4.50.1179-std2 registered

i have made a backup of D12-Devil’s Night using the Plextor Drive. I rip the disc image to the hard drive at 8x with no options checked. Then burn the cd at 12x with no options either. I read in the online manual that Scan Gaps/Indexes does not have to be checked since the reading engine will do it automatically? Also, should RAW be used to read or write?

Maybe this will be some help.

thanks Kalas … i ran another backup of Slim Shady and found when reading that "Scan Gaps/Indexes’ and ISRC causes incorrect audio indexes…so i stick with just CD-TEXT checked; that is if the cd has it; not many do