DiscJuggler and accessing the other readers

Before while burning with DiscJuggler I succeeded in also accessing the other readers CD and DVD, then I have installed the v. 4.10.1084 and now while burning I don’t succeed in accessing the other unities CD anymore.
I have still installed the v 4.10.1070, but nothing is changed.
I ask help
Thanks in advance

Hello ricky9.

Please let me know what drives you cannot detect and what operating system you are using.

Hi Joel

this is the equipment of my PC

WinXP sp1
AMD 2200+ MB asus a7v333 raid
CD-ROM DR-U165S SCSI Pioneer
DVD-ROM 305 SCSI Pioneer
CD-R W8/2/20 SCSI Plextor
CD-R W552Eide TEAC


Hi ricky9.

Could you be more detailed in how the drives are not being detected? Give me more details about the issue.

Thank you.

Hello Joel
I don’t know if these details are enough:

ASPI 4.71 (0001) installed
Sound Card CMi 8738
Matrox Marvel G450 e TV

CD-ROM DR-U165S SCSI Pioneer CD Reader
DVD-ROM 305 SCSI Pioneer DVD Reader
CD-R W8/2/20 SCSI Plextor CD Writer
CD-R W552Eide TEAC CD Writer

The problem is that when I start DiscJuggler I succeed in entering and to use the others peripheral, is when burning for example of the data from HD to CD-ROM or I make a copy to the flight, the other unities CD or DVD don’t become accessible.
At the end of the burning you can be used her.
More in detail this situation had happened a long time ago also me, then I have changed the CD-Write Eide with another model without removing DiscJuggler and to that point while burning I could afford to use the other unities CD-R. I have retried to simulate that situation momentarily disabling the CD-Write, removing DiscJuggler, therefore installing him/it and physically rehabilitating the CD-Write, but to this point while burning I don’t contemporarily succeed in accessing the other readers.
The fact is not very annoying, but I doesn’t succeed in understanding because first I could do it.
Excuse for the annoyance and sorry my English.

Discjuggler (and most other burning software) locks the drives while burning. This isn’t a fault but a feature. It prevents buffer underruns, corrupt burns, program and system crashes etc.

philamber is correct, ricky9.

Let me know if you have quit DiscJuggler completely and you cannot access other CD/DVD writing applications. In the event that you cannot use other CD/DVD writing applications while DiscJuggler is running, please keep in mind that this is a feature to prevent instabilities during the writing process.