Discjuggler 4 settings

I hear many ppl to say that discjuggler beats latest protections…
Can somebody post the settings i must use to copy safedisk or securerom…
Is discjuggler so picky with the hardware like other 1:1 programs ?
I use this Juggler many years now but never thought to use it for protected cds…
Thnx in advance…


Methods: RAW

CD sub-codes: none

Misc.: Ignore read errors

When using DJ on SafeDisc 2.x you must have a burner capable of correct EFM encoding of regular bit patterns (two sheep rating at elby.ch).

It will not defeat SecuROM v4.8x but emulation works (D-Tools, Alcohol, GameJack etc)

thank you
i have a Liteon 40s
and a Plexy 40A
so I can do the trick with Liteon :bigsmile: