DiscJuggler 4.50.1159 by Padus



I’m using this software with 2 pioneer DVR-09 drives. My PC has 2 DVD-Roms and 4 HDDs. While recording from HDD to DVDs, i would like to copy from the 2 dvd-roms to the 2 unused HDDs, but discjuggler locks the 2 DVD-Roms, and Explorer returns the following message “Please insert a disc into drive …”. As soon as the recording ends, i’m abble to read drive’s content. I know that this is a feature to prevent “buffer underruns…”, but nowdays recorders have hardware based protections, so this feature is annoying me. Is there any option to disable it under DiscJuggler, that i might been misreading, or any other trick to forbid DiscJuggler to do it? I even mapped the drives but without any success!!!

If You have any ideas, please help me…

Best regards


The only way in which you would be able to prevent dj from locking the drives would be to uninstall the program and then do a custom reinstall without padus’ burning interface. If you then have another burning interface installed (e.g. aspi 4.60) dj will work through that interface and will not lock your drives when burning.

Note though that the procedure described above is definitely not recommended, particularly if you’re running XP.


Thank a lot Phil. I installed again the Discjuggler without their advanced interface and now it works as I need it.
Once again, thanks