Discjuggler 4.10.1084 patch

Does anyone knows were to find patch for Discjuggler 4.10.1084 patch

If by “patch for patch” you mean something to defeat the licensing system in the program, talk of warez is not allowed in these forums. :cop:


Going to assume you mean the latest version / update of your registered DJ.

Here you can download the latest version as demo:

For updates I believe you have to clink inside the program somewhere (couldn’t find any info on the site, other than version history)

Start your current version of Discjuggler,then go into help this is
located on the left hand side. You will find an option for Software update and also an option to register Disjuggler. Now if you’ve
paid for DJ as i’ve then select Update and the PADUS updater
will show what version you’re currently using.

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