Discdump Error

First of all, I know this is in the wrong forum, I only posted it here because I know Philamber browses this forum, so please forgive me.:confused: Philamber, I am using a Liteon 40125W @ 48x and I am using Discdump to make an image of GTA3 but it says my Liteon won’t support Safedisc. My writer is device 1:1:0.

The command I put in is:

ddump 1:1:0 IMAGE SAFEDISC

The specific error is:

Device 1:1:0 does not support fast sector skip.

I find this somewhat fishy seeing as Liteons are great for Safedisc. Any solution?

try burnatonce

it uses ddump, but has a graphical user interface

Well, the problem is with Discdump, the actual program says that my drive does not support Fast Sector Skip, which does not make sense. I don’t care about the interface though, since I can use DOS commands.

Ah, so you ran into one of discdump’s little bugs. If you re-boot and try again you may well find that you don’t get that particular message.

However, it doesn’t matter even if you do as the dump will still be successful if you allow it to continue (i.e. don’t hit the escape key to terminate the dump); it will just take longer (about 3 times longer with my reader).

What happens when discdump wrongly states that your reader doesn’t support fast sector skip and you allow it to continue is that it reverts back to standard mode which also works. (This isn’t surprising as discdump was originally programmed specifically for use as a safedisc dumping tool with what is now its standard mode being the only available mode.)

Btw, this is the correct forum for posts about discdump.

[PS You won’t have any problems using discdump to back-up GTAIII. That’s what I used when I made my back-up of that game.]

@ damiandimitri
Using discdump through the burnatonce interface won’t prevent the “problem” raised by CCDKing from occurring. You just won’t know about it because burnatonce suppresses the dos box display of discdump’s command log when discdump is run through its interface. In the circumstances indicated by CCDKing all that would happen is that the dump would continue in standard mode without you being aware of the switch.

Philamber, you are such a great help. Thanks.

I’ll just use Clone CD for this one since I know that it works, but I’ll give it a try anyway.

Oh ya, when you said this is the correct forum, this one was originally in the Clone CD forum. I only put it there because I know you have used this program and you browse the Clone CD forum (did not know which other ones). Once again, thanks a bunch!


thanx for the warning

Philamber, I made the CUE, ISO and LOG file, I burned the disc with Nero by loading the CUE into the program, but I made a coaster. Seeing as its my first time trying, its not a big deal, I probably did something wrong, so could you help me out a bit?

Hmm, vkarpov (must be chess fan, mustn’t he) had similar problems discussed in this thread. Still he got there in the end.

If you haven’t yet discarded your coaster and image files, then do the following checks to determine whether it’s discdump that failed (unlikely) or nero (probable):

  • check the size of the discdump log file. If it’s zero bites then discdump has not encountered any of the read errors that ought to be there;
  • open the log file with a text editor. There should be a list of the sectors where errors were encountered.
  • do a partial read of the coaster in standard mode without using the log file to about sector 2,000 or so to see whether there are read errors. If not then nero has corrected the errors that are supposed to be there which is the reason it’s a coaster. (It does this to me every time with my writer in standard dao mode but not with dao96 and it seems to have done so intermitently with vkarpov even in dao96 mode.) Note: After reading the first 2,000 sectors or so you can abort the dump by simply hitting the escape key and then examine the log file before deleting the partial image files.

In any event, I suggest that you try re-dumping the image in standard mode without using the log file and then burn the new image using dao96 (though dao should also work).

If that fails, you’ll need to use a program other than nero (which I suspect to be the problem here) to burn the discdump image. Fireburner clearly works (not only no failures there but even a couple of successes with plexies) and so too should the freeware cdrdao (either from the command line or using either the burnatonce or the xduolicator interface).

A number of other programs should also work (essentially, any program that supports cue sheets and which has a raw burning mode should work with your writer) but I don’t know what other software you have on your system.

Alrighty, woo hoo. Burned it with Fireburner at Max Speed and works fine. Thanks for your help! Over time I will be called DDumpKing.

Alright, last question, how do you limit the write speed with Fireburner? I can only get 1x and Max.

Cross your fingers and hope your burner is fully supported whenever IgD releases his next version of fireburner. As I understand it, your problem of being restricted, in essence, to max speed burning is by no means unique with recent model high speed writers and the current version of fireburner.