DiscDump 1.10 beta 3 with SD2 support!

I just posted the article DiscDump 1.10 beta 3 with SD2 support!!!.

Finally it has been released in a new beta update:

Due to the immense requests I decided to upload the current version of DDump that supports SD2. It’s equal to the last internal beta…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1286-DiscDump-1_10-beta-3-with-SD2-support.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1286-DiscDump-1_10-beta-3-with-SD2-support.html)

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WOW! Can’t wait to try this with my Plextor…

hmmmmmmmm … don’t think it works with my Plextor 16x burner !! not sure altough … What are the settings I should use to burn the image in CDRWin 4.0a after I created the image of RED ALERT 2 CD1 in DiscDump ? Need info about how to make the image and how to burn it … exacly ! -THANX-

The problem with SD2 is in the writing not the reading. When they say improved SD2 extraction, they mean that this program now reads SD2 quicker and better. If you could not write SD2 games before then you can not now.

:frowning: Trying to Burn SAFEDISC 2 protected RED ALERT 2, CD #1 ------------------------------------------------------ These settings do not work on my Plextor 16x burner: Reading->DiscDump v1.10 beta 3: only settings I changed: Settings: checked->"Safedsc (faster safedisc dumping) Writing->CDRWin 4.0a: Settings: Write RAW-MODE, Enable BURN-PROOF Tried this with RED ALERT 2 CD#1 (80 min CD) Can anybody confirm that the new version of DiscDump does not work with SAFEDISC 2 ??? Damn … I guess I still have to use my old 8x burner for this SAFEDISC 2 crap !!! :frowning:

The header of this article “DiscDump 1.10 beta 3 with SD2 support!!!” is not true! It’s doesn’t say anything about this new version being able to burn SD2 ! I read about this all around the net so this is just crap … I’m sorry :frowning:

the download link does not work

If you want to try out this new version try out: http://www.geocities.com/discdump/download/DDump110.zip this link works 100% Anyway, I’m telling you this is only better support for reading SD2 CD’s, -IT WILL NOT WRITE THEM CORRECTLY !!- Unless you can do it already in e.g. CloneCD which I would say is still the best CD-DUPLICATE program around ! -Lord02-

Guyz, DiscDump is a reading program that vreats an image which you burn with another program i.e. CDRWIN… ITS NOT A BURNING PROGRAM! As stated numerous times, Safedisc 2 requires a burner which is able to create the sectors that most burners cant create on a backup…