DiscCopy Gadget can be restored under v7.8.5.0

The situation with the DiscCopy gadget becomes stranger and stranger:

First, it will only appear and function in Vista since it is a Sidebar gadget.

Nero has published a PDF Help file for DiscCopy which states: “Nero DiscCopy is available with the full range of functions in all versions of the Nero 7 Suite.”

Interestingly, the US-access Nero site does not yet post the the Release Notes for the v7.8.5.0 update, and more interestingly still, although the PDF Help file is now available, the official version list of individual apps/components in the v7 Suite on the “Actual Software Versions” page does not mention DiscCopy - obviously Nero’s Web site documentation is still catching up with their product distribution.

In any event, after long Internet searches, I have just discovered that the DiscCopy gadget can be manually installed. It is a PITA. And there are qualifications - here is a summary (unfortunately I do not have the facility to upload the necessary pieces, but evidently they can be found online):

Qualification/caution - I extracted the individual DiscCopy folders/files from a partition image backup of my Vista system (using Acronis True Image 10 Home) when v. was installed, prior to the update:

NeroDiscCopy.Gadget [this is the actual Gadget folder containing 18.1 MB of files that goes in Sidebar’s gadget sub-folder, C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets]

NeroGadgetCMServer.exe + NeroGadgetCMServer.bin [these 2 files go: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\Lib]

I am not sure about registering ‘NeroGadgetCMServer’ and the appropriate Registry entries. A batch file to register the exe and a reg file with all of the registry keys for merging can be found here:


It may, or may not, work - beware!

On my system the copy-back of the DiscCopy pieces probably succeeded because the whole thing had been installed and registered by v., and it is possible that the update routine of v7.8.5.0 did remove those Vista Registry keys. All that was necessary was for the files to be in the correct locations and for the gadget to be ‘added’ to the Sidebar.

Initials tests of DiscCopy running under v7.8.5.0 indicate perfect operation.

Hope this helps.