Disc written on a 716A but not readable on it!

I find this really strange I burned this disc on the plextor and cant scan it in plextools since the disc is not mountable or readable in both plextor drivers a 708A and a 716a. I went and got a liteone to do this scan. Any reason why a scan like this would not be readable on a plextor drive since I did use it to write it. I notice that the media is inconsistant, but other disc would read. I am starting to think that plextor is real picky when it comes to reading media.

Note: This disc does not even read in a Plextor Drive!!!

1°) Did you check if the MID code that you burned: " POMSC00 1002 "
is recommended by Plextor ?

2°) Did this media show up with an entry in the AutoStrategy Database after the first burn ?

It is not part of recommended but part of the compatibilty, and did not show up in AS. It is a plasmon brand. So if it is compatible then that means it should read it but it doesn’t, the funny thing is when I burn it with a diffrent burner it reads it just fine on every disc I burned. That means that the plextor is real picky when it comes to reading some disc. I was about to throw that disc away till I found out that it was readable