Disc wont play

i know that only some cd burners will take off protection from computer programs/games.
heres my question: say i have a cd that wasent burned with one of thoes burners and it will install the program but wont actuley play. is there a way i can somehow reprogram the copied cd to play or do anything to make it work/ not give me a "please insert the correct disc message??

Yes recreate the image from your original disc with the correct settings which depend on the used protection.

how do you do that?? and with what program?

Alcohol 120% maybe.

Alternatively (if its a game) rather than using alcohol (or daemon tools) you could try downloading a NoCD crack from the internet - gameburnworld is good - as they are [B][U]legal[/U][/B] to do so as prevents having scratched discs - thereby increasing a disc lifetime.

But there are many sites which offer these game fixes/patches/cracks (whatever they choose to call them)


what about clone cd? so after i make the image can i burn it onto a disc and it will be a working copy??

^ Depends upon the copy protection used. CloneCD will work for some copy protections but for rather fewer than either alcohol or blindwrite.

ok. so then after i make the image. i can copy it to a disc and it will work yes??

Not necessarily. First scan the installation folder with Protection ID and tell us what copy protection is used. Then also tell us what burner/s you have and also if you have any other and what ordinary cd/dvd rom/s.

Then we can try to help you out.

:flower: thank uo my daer