Disc won't initialise

Help - I have a philips dvdr630R video cassette recorder and DVD video player /recorder
It was working earlier today when I watched a recording on DVD that I recorded last night. using DVD+RW
Now If I put ANY dvd’s in - either blank or recorded on, it comes up “unknown disc,please check disc”
It won’t initialise a new disc, also it won’t let me into the set up menu to initialise either.
I scroll down to disc option, but the first four options;-
Disc initialise/disc finalize/disc label/ disc protect/ are “greyed out”
I have been to disc label before to name my titles but I cannot access that now. All customer service lines are closed now, can anyone help me.
I have unplugged it too to reboot but no!

Try cleaning the lens

I will do that, thanks, i will let you know

It didn’t work, also I have reset factory settings - no joy there either. It is a new rental, I only got it last week and it’s always a weekend when things go wrong! I’ll get them out tomorrow to sort it - thanks for your help;-)

Since it is a rental I will not suggest you take the drive apart to clean the lens

No I didn’t/won’t take it apart - I put in a lense cleaner. I’m not that techno headed
:-)) Thanks for your response CCR

The sevice guy came out but he had no joy, it needs a new laserhead, luckily it’s a rental - they are swapping it over on Thursday for a newer one. Wouldn’t mind but we have only had it 10 days. So much for quality control!
BTW,The reason it wouldn’t let me into set-up and was “greyed out” was because the disc wasn’t accepted, you can only enter there if the disc is in.
Thanks anyway CCR