Disc with fake Taiyo Yudens MIDs, why are they on the market and do they matter?



I just posted the article Disc with fake Taiyo Yudens MIDs, why are they on the market and do they matter?.

 Some of you might have experienced it, purchasing relative 

cheap discs that are advertised with a Taiyo Yuden MID and when bought and burned they clearly are of low quality. In that case it…

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I still believe it is for TY to sort this mess out - take the ‘fake’ companies and those using it’s MID code to court. The end customer gets ripped off, TY get a bad rep, and the sharlatan sellers get rich by either selling crap media, or good media that should not use another manufacturers ID code without express permission - and if doing so, should clearly state not manufactured by TY as part of the agreement.


They should fake Princo’s MID code because at least then it will be more representative of the disc quailty and have burner support.


I’ve tried some “MyData” that are TYG02 fakes. Well they burn fine at 8x and are of overall good quality (burnt with LG4120b and PE PIF with NEC 3540a) BUT there is another big drawback with fake TY media. If you do not pay attention drives like the NEC try to burn them at 12x resulting in a DVD with several unrecoverable errors. :frowning:


Perhaps the best solution is to offer a community code that signifies the disc as “low quality” and “subpar quality”. Any company is welcome to use the ID as long as their disc meets X standard. Then drive companies can add these disc IDs and anybody buying such disc can cross their fingers and burn.


well they could have used any code then so why do they all use TYG02 code then i still think they are trying to make people think they are getting ty’s when they are getting sh*te
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Because Taiyo Yuden codes are the best supported on current drives. Really name me one drive that supports Taiyo Yuden codes crap. Also there have been reports of FAKE MAXELL, FAKE TDK (PRINCO) and FAKE MCC(MCC003 code !) so it’s not TY alone.


wow… i was going to start a thread about tis thing… having many FAKE Verbatim (and i mean FAKE… not the DataLife® CD’s)… some labled as Verbatim DataLife/Plus with Metal S&P and NHPEARL!!! nothing related to AZO!!! and holding the TY ATIP code… too many C2 Errors made with my Litey at any speed… and they even have Fake Verbatim/TY Manufactured 4X RWs!!! CRAAAAAPP