Disc verifying (w4824a)

I bought a Px W4824A four days ago, the major problem I encountered happens during disc verification in Nero I tried 3 different brands of CDR and 2 of these (Mitsui Chemical, Computer Support Italcard, both supported according to Plextor web site) took a longer time while verifying the disc than burning at 16x. With Ahead CD speed I discover that the external part of the cd was read at a speed slower than 4x. While using the Pioneer DVD, the same cd was read correctly, reaching 40x speed at the end. Unfortunately the bad thing is that one time Nero gave me a verifying error, because it wasn’t able to access a file, while using the DVD reader or slowing down the cd-burner reading speed to 24x all files were accessible and identical to the original. Is this a problem of all Px-w4824 or is only mine defective?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve personally found the PX-W4824TA drive to be very picky with media that’s not on the recommended media list. Which firmware version are you using? It’s recommended to upgrade to the latest version (1.04) since that has the best media support. I would also recommend to upgrade to the latest Nero Burning Rom version (, released today) but I don’t think that’s the problem here. Please report back your findings using the latest firmware. Does that work better?

I forgot to tell… After the verifying error in Nero I updated my w4824A to 1.04 firmware. Nothing changes, only Verbatim CDRs are verified at the full speed. I never had another verifying error, but also didn’t burn another CDR of that brand. Maybe Plextor cd burner can’t verify the disc at 48x, but why does it slow down to 4x or, in the worst case, can’t it access the file?

By the way thanks for your suggestions.

Originally posted by metaljamez
but why does it slow down to 4x or, in the worst case, can’t it access the file?
I assume you’re talking about verifying the disc? The drive slows down to 4x because it simply cannot read the disc. When the drive encounters an error it will slow down and read it again, when that doesn’t work it will slow down more till about 4x. When it still cannot read the disc at the lowest speed it will give an error. This strategy is used on most drives. It’s a simple fact that reading at a lower speed can produce better results than reading at a high speed.

Yep, I know that strategy… but IMHO the algorithm implemented in w4824a seems not so good. From what I observed using Ahead CD speed my Plextor cd burner slows down directly from 48x CAV to 4x CLV without trying to use intermediate speeds. For instance a cd, that takes ten minutes to be verified because of problem mentioned above, may be copied on the hard-drive in 1/3 of that time if I force the speed to 24x (using “Drive speed”). This clearly means that cd burner never tries to go 24x, at which speed errors never happen. Moreover using Pioneer CD/DVD reader, I can fully copy the same cd at 40x. I hope I explain my situation clearly. So is anybody having the same problem? Is it possible that only my Px-w4824a isn’t able to read many brands of cds, burned correctly by itself, at the full speed?