Disc Verifing Software

I backed up several hundred files a month or 2 ago and before I delete all the files from my PC I’d like to check the discs to make sure they’re ok… I could just stick the discs in and grab all the files of the disc to see if it works but I was wondering if is theres a program I can use that would work as simply as me putting the disc in the drive hitting a nice big shiny go button, leaving it for a wee while and then when I come back to the machine it would either tell me that everything is ok or else list any files that it had problems with?


I would start with CDSpeed and look at disc analysis.

I often use CDCheck. It’s a 30 day free evaluation program, but afterwards you can still use it, you get a reminder to buy the program when you start it up.

When I got this I had to register to get a FREE license key for it.

It’s a handy app to have for just this situation.

There’s also Windiff free from Microsoft.

Combining scanning with CD-DVD Speed (as suggested) and a file comparison with either of the above should give you confidence in your burning & subsequent deletion.

dvdinfo if you heard of it checks for the dvd of what kind even your driver!