Disc Verification

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, wasn’t sure exactly which to put it in…

Recently, alot of my backups have been failing the disc verification process of burning. Upon testing, the disc works fine, I am able to watch the entire feature without noticing any problems.

I guess my questions are, does it matter that they are not verifying? I haven’t changed anything about the system, beside filling alot of the harddrive (still have 4 or 5 gb free though)
And why is this happening? Would defragmenting fix it? Cleaning the burner lens?

Media: TY01 discs purchased from Meritline.com
Burner: NEC 3500
Software: Nero, using the template that was posted on these forums awhile ago.


Couple of suggestions-

Get latest version of Nero - now at

Free up at least 15gb of space on your harddrive

Defrag the harddrive frequently - and if you can get Diskeeper 6 program to make the defrag as painless as possible-

Use only good media like Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Maxell-

Use good firmwares like NEC 2.19 or the hacked 2.18bsrtp or 2.FC


don`t use nero to verifi you discs use cd speed to do a transfer rate test and if you get a nice smooth curve then it should be a good disc.