? Disc Values


I need some DVD+RWs to off-load some space from my hard drives for a while (it’s ironic that I need space to make space.)

There are three options available to me at the moment:

10 Sonys (in DVD cases) for ~$17

25 Memorex for $30

10 “Verbatim branded” (that sounds suspicious) in thick jewel-cases for ~$12

Any opinions on which to get? The first two I can get in-store, so there’s no wait (but there is gas), while the last one will require several dollars for shipping, plus a wait.

I was also looking at getting some DLs. Futureshop’s got these two:

20 +R DL Verbatims for $30 (normally $63)!

25 -R DL Verbatims for $6 (mistake?!)

The -R DL looks like an amazing deal, but it’s -R and I’ve been conditioned to obey +R. :iagree: Any opinions on these?

Thanks a lot.

Get the Verbatims, whatever you choose.

The last picture you have posted is for single layer -R disks, not DL. In any case, you don’t want dual layer -R disks.

Single layer Verbatims are a good choice, either -R or +R but for rewritable disks, I’d stick with +R.

The dual layer +R Verbatims are just about the only good dual layer disks on the market, so they are also fine, just make sure the ones you are getting are made in Singapore, not India. There don’t seem to be many places that are selling the ones made in India yet, so you’re probably still safe if you buy them online.

Sounds good, but what about the “Verbatim branded”, what does that mean? I’ve read a lot about fake Yudens, and I was bitten by those “Kodaks” which were crap with Kodak name.

Like post #2.

Verbatim media is always very good and you don’t have to worry about it being fake or dodgy if it’s labeled as verbatim.

What backups are you doing? If it’s just data and stuff from the PC that is really only for PC use, just use the verbatim RW discs and or verbatim DL media. + or - R makes no difference for DL or RW if you are [I]only[/I] using it on a PC.

RW media is pretty much for short term use btw. If you wan’t to back stuff up onto media and retrieve it months or more later, I’d go with single layer write once media. DL media is plain expensive as well. You might as well use SL media since it’s more compatible than either DL or RW media and is better for archiving.

Is DL less reliable than SL?

I’d like to make a video disc which will require either two SLs or one DL. Obviously one DL is more convenient (price notwithstanding), but it’s going to have to last because it won’t be replaceable.

Get Verbatim DL Made In Singapore media and burn the video disc to one of them , and make another copy on two SLs

:confused: Both? If you mean as a backup, then why not four SLs or two DLs?

Are DLs inherently less reliable than SLs?

I don’t think it’s as reliable. Getting a scratch on a DL disc can cause more problems than it would on a SL. Also, there’s more glue bonding needing and whatnot with DL media, I think if data is important, SL would be the way to go. Also, for the price I can buy like 3 DL discs, I can almost buy like 50 SL discs. It’s a ridiculous difference in price.

Yeah, that’s a good point. It makes sense that SLs would be safer, and the price is a big factor still (that sale is over now, so I would have to wait for another anyway.)

What about pressed DLs? That’s the only way that they come (okay, so I’ve seen one that wasn’t DL, but it was DS, so…)

Sorry for the mistake in my previous post , it should have been : Made In [B]Singapore[/B] Verbatim DL . TCAS syndrome ?! :bigsmile:

I suggested both because you said : DL is more convenient :slight_smile:
And SL is more reliable (Verbatim DL should be reliable too as long as handled carefully) , so making to copies of the video would be a good idea .
Also , I don’t think there are pressed DL blank media , they are just 2 layers “glued” together :bigsmile: