Disc-to-Disc fine. File-to-disc not?!

The DVD / CD writer that came with my PC recently packed up so I’ve invested in a new Sony one. I’ve been copying CDs and DVDs without a problem but when I try and write files from my PC to either CD or DVD it fails miserably (I’ve even tested with just a 1k file).

I’ve tried both Nero and Roxio and neither works but is fine for Disc-to-Disc. I’m VERY confused - could anyone give me a few ideas of what the issue could be.


My Sony drives (2) do everything. If you want to try another approach-then download Ashampoo Burning Studio 6. The trial version is FREE and not crippled. Works perfect with both of my drives.


What does “fails miserably” actually mean?

ie it bombs out pretty much straight away. I’ll see if I can get the log files…may make more sense.

Hmm I tried uninstalling Nero to see if there was a conflict with Roxio and it still didn’t work. I then reinstalled Nero with the purpose of getting a log file from it - and then it worked!!! Roxio still screwed but I can live with Nero.