Disc T@2

Is NERO the only program that supports DISC T@2? I am ready to learn and try something new.:wink: I know this information is out there, but I was hoping someone here would aready know the answer. Thanx 2 all the CDFREAKS.


as far as i know, only nero does this, altho i’m no expert on Disc T@2. try searching for more info.

its been discussed, that if a program like clonecd could use it, it would be a lot easier to copy things. I believed its referenced in the PSX selfboot thread.

Only nero currently supports this sadly enough.

I don’t think any other programs will support this technique, as only the Yamaha drive has T@2 implemented, and that one isn’t being produced anymore… (too bad, one of the last SCSI drives)…

From the Copytocd/dvd site:

Disct@2 add for CopyToCD Only for Yamaha CRFX1, copytocd must be installed first.
This add-on allow to “tatoo” a picture on the writing surface of a cd.


WinOnCd 6 also supports DiskT@2