Disc Switching Problem



I have a NEC-3550A drive and a Combo-52x16c drive. I run windows XP SP2. When i put a cd or dvd in one or both drives and open my computer it will read the disc and indicate next to the drive what is in there. Everything works fine so far (except that the autorun will not work…which is why i have to go to my computer for my computer to even begin to read the discs), but here is the main problem. If i take one or both discs out and switch them with totally different discs Windows will not recognize that they are different discs. Even if i go into my computer and refresh the window it will still say that the previous disc(s) are in there.

I’m guessing that it is a windows problem since the two drives are from different manufacturers, but this seemed like the best place to post this issue.

Thanks in advance!


Anyone? even a small inkling on why would help. any guesses? please…thanks.