Disc Stakka USB powered disc storage system from Imation

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 This may  be of interest to  those of us archiving our photos on optical media, or even those that simply just  have a lot of software at home or at our business place. Imation has announced the...
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omg, i like NEED this NOW!

Needs to be cheaper. Alot cheaper. Think < $40

Cheaper!!! Ha before this thing came out it was around $4000 USD to do this. $150 is a steal! You can plug one into your computer then stack 4 more on top all with 1 USB cable. Compare it to: http://www.powerfile.com/portal.aspx?module=products/r200ROM/default.ascx Extended Warranty for the PowerFile costs $600 and the drive costs $3800. All we need is a little open source support and this will be nice to add to a Tivo or PVR for playback of your stacks of DVDs.

Too expensive and doesnt even have a CD/DVD-ROM drive built in (now that would be really useful).

p.s. THG has a brief review of this at :- http://www.tomshardware.com/storage/200504211/index.html

yeah, it’s much too expensive for a storage… :frowning:

This thing is SO old. It’s been in Aussie retail stores for what seems like years. Here’s the flash demo: http://punistation.fuyucorp.biz/opdicom.exe Kisses XXOOXX Jen

Ok Yuk it’s a P.O.S. How could they make something like that without having a way to READ the discs? Thats crazy