Disc rotation speeds and data rate standards

I have already written a post about this topic on VideoHelp..

But I thougt, that I should also ask here.

I would like to know the relationships between disc rotation speed and data speed.
I already know the maximum reading speed at the outer edge:

  • ×2.4 at 12cm, compared to inner edge.
  • ×1.6 at 08cm.

But I would also like to know:

  • ×1 CLV on innermost edge = how many RPM (rotations per minute) or rotations per second on each disc type?.
  • ×1 CLV = how many sectors per second for each disc type? (75 sectors for CD).

Disc types:

  • CD
  • DVD
  • HD-DVD
  • BD
  • (HVD)
  • (LD)
  • Are the values slightly different for DVD+, DVD-, DVD-DL and DVD-RAM comparing with each other?
  • Is 1× speed on a CD 150 or 176.4 KiB/s? [2352×(1500/1764)=2000!].
  • How exactly were these standards specified?.