Disc retainers installed backwards! how to fix?

[qanda]This thread is about the TEAC DV-W28E (Dual). Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Well I’m guessing this drive was built on a monday or a friday IDK. But I have a slim DVD drive part of a lot I got off ebay that came from some General Dynamics/iTronix ex military laptops (hopefully they’re a little more stringent with their F-16 fighter jet parts j/k :/) with the disc retainers installed backwards. i.e. the flared side for the disc to slide on is on the bottom instead of top. I was planning on installing these in a set of Dell Optiplex SFF’s which for some reason is not compatible with but thats a whole separate issue. Anyway the problem makes it extremely hard to get a disc to lock in almost to a breaking point. I have 4 other identical drives to compare to so I do know that this is the case by close inspection and comparison to the others. Anyway if someone may have had one of these apart and/or may have a solution as to how to get the little spring loaded retainers out of the rotory head and turned around I’d be forever grateful.

PS please if you are going to tell me to 86 it, please don’t. I would rather attempt to fix it if at all possible.