Disc repairing?



I have an audio disc that was handled by a little one & it now appears to have a few minor scratches. Normally I wouldn’t be too concerned with it, but this is a rare imported CD that I got & I don’t want to have to buy it again. It seems to have affected playback a little & skips at one point. Not always, but I also occasionally get a ‘no disc’ error message in the player when inserted. I’m gonna try to back it up to a CDR, but if that doesn’t work, I was thinking of getting one of these disc repair kits. Do they really work? If so, which one is recommended?


I’ve used the disk doctor numerous times, and it has saved every disk I’ve tried so far. As soon as I get it to where it is readable, I make a backup copy just in case. Just make sure that you follow the directions exactly with the disk doctor…