Disc Repair Machines

Between a PS2, two car CD decks, a DVD player and stereo system, I have a lot of media that gets scratched up no matter how hard I try to protect it. I’ve found that the worst offenders are my Honda Alpine deck and the PS2 - the most widely used systems.

After reading the forums here, I note that many posters recommend burning copies of their media and using these. However with the PS2 and the copyrighted CDs like the Sims 2 that use numerous tactics like weak sectors and registry checks, burning copies create even more problems.

I’ve used the Xinix/Disc Repair Pro (same thing different names) with mixed results. It can cure skips/freezes with some media sometimes - but won’t fix or repair others.

I’ve begun to consider other options, like the Disc Go Pod which run several hundred dollars. However like the Xinix/Disc Repair Pro, this appears to be a polishing based solution. I’m wondering if the way to go is a complete resurfacing - filling the scratches with some type of polymer that is invisible to the laser.

Given the CDs that skip in the car, and the whine of the kid when his PS2 game freezes up, I would be willing to invest in a solution that works.

Does anyone have any experience with disc repair machines/techniques like the Disc Go Pod or others?

Hi jskirwin
PLEASE read post #3 in this thread below
I have heard and read many members have used this method and have had success doing so my what to give it a shot