Disc Recognition issues

Hi, I’m not really a noob when it comes to cd burning and such, but I figured the question is simple enough that it would get moved here anyways.

I had 10 blank dvds given to me from a friend. All but 3 worked fine, burning images, music and a movie. The three however that didn’t work and still do not come up under my computer as they are recognized. However it says Total Size 0 bytes and Free Space 0 Bytes. The discs are completely blank and there is nothing on them but when I try to burn I get the message “This cd is either full or not readable.” What is the problem, are the discs just duds? Or have I done something with some settings that screwed it up by mistake. Thank you

Do you know what is the Media ID of the ones that burned? They could be crap discs with 70% survival rate.

I’m not totally sure to be honest, but i’m assuming now that the discs are bad quality and these three are in fact duds. The others that worked are perfectly fine, it’s just these so I’ll assume they are a lost cause and buy some new ones, thanks.


IMO - chuck them - and get some Verbatim 16x +R or -R medias-eh!!