Disc recognition error

I’m trying to back up a movie and had no problem with the first disc, but when I insert the second disc into my drive it and press COPY a window appears with DIRECTORY \VIDEO_TS does not exist. Any ideas as how to resolve this?

what program are you using to backup the movie?

I am using the latest AnyDVD and a plexor burner. I’ve tried different programs and older version of AnyDVD but my drive will recognize dics one but not disc two. If they are both in the same case, then shouldn’t they both be recognized?

Its good to know the exact version number that helps alot more then saying the latest version and what model and firmware version of plextor and how old is the unit? What kinda media are you using? Is the source media free of visual defects and can that play in the standalone or computer dvd player? Well start off there I don’t want to say maybe you have a bad source disk but has it happened to other source media disk?