Disc Read Error (Alcohol 120%)



Ive have seen this problem in many different discussions, but have never gotten a straight answer. I am making an iso of the first disc of battle for middle earth. i scanned the disc and am pretty sure the protection is safedisk. i also know that disc read errors are normal in dealing with safedisc, but am told that it is only in the first few percent of the imaging process. this process has lasted 22 hours and is only 6.7 percent completed. it is currently on error 23539. I was wondering when these were going to stop, if its normal this late in the imaging process, why this is taking so long(.1x speed), and if the image will work. i know that the disc is scratched and was also wondering if these could cause disc read errors. thanks.


Nothing to say that because of Safedisc or CD scratches… This is my method when i can’t be sure about my image quality of any Safedisc protected game:
First of all wait till dumping process complete. And later, mount it on DT’s virtual drive. And then copy all that files which are inside of CD to somewhere in your Hard-Disk. If there will not be any read error, this means your image quality is perfect. This is really a valid method if your CD is any of Safedisc protected, and if it isn’t a “Mixed Mode CD”…