Disc question from know nothing

My pc has a cd rom & dvd rw drive. Can I back up my files ( which I think are all data ) to a dvd rw disc ?

Taking into consideration that your CD-Rom only reads CDs and you DVD-RW drive can write DVDs, I don’t see why you couldn’t.
Take care about RWs - the software you use and the discs. Sometimes one gets bad surprises.

Thanks for the reply. I’m confused about something else you would maybe help me with; I read somewhere that I could write more data to a dvd disc vs a cd ( something about more room on the dvd disc ). Is that correct???

you becha-

80 min/700 MB cd = 703 MB

DVD-R = 4489 MB
DVD+R = 4483 MB

So Blank dvd’s will hold about ~ 6.4 times as much data.

Thanks. That confirms what I read. Also, poses the question; why would anyone buy cd’s for burning whatever???


  1. Cheaper
  2. Burning Audio cd’s
  3. In general cheap cds burn better than cheap dvd’s (which can be truly awful)
  4. Compatiblity is better (cd-roms and some old dvd-roms)
  5. If one only has to back up <=700 MB of data, why use a blank dvd?
  6. Many people have cd-rw drives which cannot burn dvd’s

Note taken. Thanks for all the info.

It’s truly burner dependant. I would not use CD media these days anymore, because of the data"masses".

But that’s only my opinion.