Disc quality test, why cant start?

Why i cant start this test?

using 3500a

Cos NEC dont support the necessary information required. Need to use a BENQ or Liteon or another

The drive doesn’t do quality scans…search the forum, you will see this posted a few times.

ouch then how i see lots of print screen of that on nec forum?!?! hehehe i always thought it could :frowning:

how i can test if its burned well?

Look closer, and they always use another drive to test and get those screen shots. Or they just do a speed test.

dammm i was sure nec had it … too bad… one of the reasons i bought it was that :frowning:

:iagree: me too. Looked for a second drive. Hmmmn NEC looks recommended…hmmmn looks like everyone runs these tests…hmmmn good scans…okay…ended up with a 3520 cos they replaced the 3500 and no ability to test.

my brother have an old dvd driver (not burner) can i use it to test disk quality?

will that be reliable since his computer is kinda slow? (atlon 1gz)

liteons can use kprobe and/or cd/dvd speed
plextors use plextools Q-Check
benqs use Qscan and/or cd/dvd speed

most dvd-roms do not have quality checking capabilities.

its a lg so its a no? :frowning:

it’s a DVD-ROM (not writer) so probably not regardless of the brand.

I’m not sure if a regular DVD drive can do disc quality tests, but CDRW/DVD combo drives can. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a DVD burner. I have a Liteon combo and do tests of discs burned with my ND-3500 with both Kprobe and CDspeed, no prob.