Disc quality test question



How long should this process take in Nero? This is my first time using this feature and it seems to be taking a long time.


@ Grae
about 14 minutes for a full dvd burn if you choose 4x scan speed


I’ve tried setting it at 8x and 4x, but I’m still going really slow. It’d take well over an hour to finish the test. Any ideas to what I’m doing wrong?


@ Grae
Could be a very poorly burnt disc and your drive is having trouble reading it. Does the disc read/play in the drive? Do you have your DMA enabled?


It’s a teon dvd-r 8x. Plays fine in my drive and dma is enabled, although I did have some trouble enabling it. Found out that my bios had the drive set to off, turned it on and that fixed it. Do you think that could be the reason as to why I’m not getting the disc quality test to work properly? I did preform the test about 25% through and stopped it there because it was taking forever. The quality score at that point was at 96…


@ Grae
Could be…its why I suggested it:)…try it and see…


The dma issue was actually a problem that was having before the disc quality test and I cleared that up. Looking in Nero InfoTool I noticed ASPI for the system is not installed, but for Nero it is. Could that be the culprit?


I can run the test fine in about 9 minutes with dvdinfopro. I’m guessing it has something to do with my settings in Nero. I really want to figure this out because I’d rather use their tool instead.


Ah, okay I found the problem. Just downloaded the newest version of the tool and now everything’s running smoothly.


@ Grae
Glad to hear you resolved your problem. Thanks for reporting your solution:).