Disc Quality Test does not start

When i start de Nero CD speed Disc Quality Test on my Nec3500a(218btrpc1), the test does not start.It have it with all kinds of media.I get the screen you see on the image.
Is it me or is there something else wrong?

Thank you!

Nec-3500 doesnt support pi/pif testing with either nero quality test or kprobe.

Thank you for you quick answer.So i have to test the media in another drive? Or is there something else possible?

What other drives do you have? Otherwise the best guage you’ve got is the data transfer/dvd speed test in Nero.

BTW, I really like your screen shot that shows nothing is happening. :bigsmile:

Next time might want to check the FAQ since this is referenced there and if using search you could find about 1 or 2 of the same posts every week.

Use liteon dvdrw drive to test,812s and higher are the best for this type of test.

or check the media forum under testing to see what other drives work with cdspeed3

Thank you all, i understand it now.I have to buy a new drive to test my media.

I am sorry, but i did use the search button first,but did not find the answer.

Thank you again,Grtz

I’m stealing this thread a little.
The 3500 does support reading of C2 errors from cd:s doesn’t it?

At least I can run DQT on them and get C2 error count. Newer reports any C1 errors on even badly scratched discs so they obviously don’t get reported.

Is this correct?