Disc quality scanning with Samsung SH-224BB?



Has anyone tried the Samsung SH-224BB for disc quality scanning as from what I read it’s using a MediaTek chipset?


I’ve tried SH-224BB and SH-224DB (newer revision) yesterday - both drives can perform PIE/PIF scanning. BTW, small info about SH-224DB - it uses Mediatek chipset, too, and its buffer size is 1536 kbytes, just like SH-224BB has.


It seems that the SH-224BB is no longer available and has been replaced by the SH-224DB. Any idea what is the difference between the two?


Probably chipset and board are different, haven’t disassembled that drive yet.

By the way, ASUS DRW-24F1ST can be crossflashed into SH-224BB and it’s still available.


If the the SH-224DB uses a new Mediatek chipset it might be a better choice.


Mediatek, but I don’t know which one. Buffer is still 1,5 MB, by the way.


Hi :slight_smile: I am interested in SH-224DB but, as said before, small info about it. Is it a good drive? Does this drive support bitsetting on DVD+R? I am only looking for good writing operations. Thanks.


Aed, something else to consider - take a look at the discussions of Blank Media with Lite-On’s vs. Samsungs.

You’ll need to find Media that you can buy, so check out what’s available TO YOU. That’s important. Then, see if you can match Your Available Media to either the Lite-On or Samsung, and see if you can find discussions of those qualities.

The goodness of the drives - their mechanical soundness - is probably comparable, but perhaps there is one drive that is ‘better’ with the media that you can easily buy.

Perhaps that might be the best criterion - “good writing for YOUR available media.”


Thanks for your answer. In general i use Verbatim DVD-R (MCC03RG20) but sometimes Verbatim +R. I take a look about the discussion you talked about before and then i will made my choice. Thanks.


Sorry to bump the thread, but if you had a choice between the Samsung SH-224FB and the ASUS DRW-24F1ST, based on your burning results (if you’ve done any quality scanning), which would you choose?