Disc Quality scan

Can anyone tell me if its possable to do Disc Quality scans with any of these burners

LG GSA-2164D
Lite On SHW-163EZB
Benq DW1650

The first 2 are external usb burners the Benq is an internal one, i want to use one of these with my laptop so if i have to use the Benq then i can fit it into my Belkin enclosure if that will work
Can some one let me know please or if ther is anyother burner i could use

I bought a LG GSA 4163B external burner and put it into the Belkin enclosure and it works fine burnning DVD’s but i cannot do Disc Quality scan’s so would like another burner that will do the scans

All LG writers are incapable of doing quality scanning. They just don’t support the feature.
Most Lite-Ons are capable of quality scanning, but I’ve not heard of that model so I don’t know about that.

The BenQ DW-1650 definitely does quality scanning, and is in fact one of the recommended writers to use for quality scanning.

Sorry the Lite On should have been SHW-163 EZDUB, PC world in Birmingham are selling them for £59.99

Would it be ok to get the Benq 1650DW and put it into the Belkin Enclosure would this work ok

I wouldnt buy it from pcworld, they charge you about £20 more than you can get it off the internet for. Try www.komplett.co.uk :wink:

Either the LiteOn or BenQ drives should be good for quality scanning. I never used that LiteOn model, but the BenQ 1650 is an excellent all rounder. :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying quickly will try the BenQ 1650 in a enclosure and see hoe it gose

If you must have it today then it looks like PC World.
But if you can wait a couple of days I would suggest SVP or Ebuyer as being cheaper.
SVP is selling a Phillips brand burner for £19:99 and if you buy some DVD’s to bring the order up to £30 the shipping charge is just £0:99.
The burner is a rebadged Benq 1650.
If you search the board you will find information about this.
Good luck on whatever you decide.

Latest word is that the current batch is the SPD2400 , a Liteon 1635S. A member phoned SVP in the last few days & that’s what SVP said.

Thanks for the info I was not aware of that. :doh:

Which is an excellent burner as well.
And will do quality scans (jitter scanning not fully working yet).


is it worth buying one of them Philips burners then for £19 quid and putttin it in to my Belkin usb2 enclosure will it work ok

Also is there any firmwear to make region free

If it is a LiteOn then the answer is yes.
And 20 pounds is an awesome price for that drive.


Either of the Philips drives are worth £20 & easy to cross flash back to Benq or Liteonn depending which you get.

There’s certainly firmware for the Benq version for region free & probably some for the Liteon version.
There’s always AnyDVD or similar to overcome this problem anyway.

Edit: SaBoCD confirms Liteon firmware available.

You’ve missed the bank holiday 99p shipping, however they sell certain items that have a 99p shipping tag which holds with anything else you can buy. You will have to have a look around their site. They alo sell enclosures and if you’re not sure about it you can ask them for help.
SVP are very good suppliers and come highly recomended by users on this board.

They say they are Philips but they have sold out at the momment so don’t know what the next batch will be will keep an eye on the site to see which ones they get in if its the same modle

If anyone finds out will you let me now thanks