Disc Quality scan with Opti Drive Control / Nero Discspeed on LG WH16NS40

I have a new LG WH16NS40 that shipped with the 1.03 firmware. Neither Opti Drive Control nor Nero Discspeed Disc Quality option will work. However, I also have a new Primera disc duplicator that contains two WH16NS58 drives and they DO work. I assume it’s because the WH16NS58 drives have the needed Mediatek chips inside. I assume my firmware ought to have SVC Code NS50 since the drive is so new. Does this mean if I crossflashed my WH16NS40 with the WH16NS58 firmware, I would be able to do a quality scan?

EDIT: I verified that this is a NS50 drive by checking the label. Also, it has a January 2018 manufacture date.

I figured it all out. I needed the duplicator firmware. I was able to obtain, fix, and flash it in DOS. I’m testing it now, but I was able to do a Disc Quality scan in Opti Drive Control!

EDIT: Just made a copy of a test DVD and verified the ISO MD5 from Imgburn. Works PERFECT!