Disc Quality Scan with new Benq1620, any good?

Hi everyone, I just got a benq 1620, and some crap media(all i could find here :sad: ) i ran the disc quality scan, since ima newbie at this i dont know how “bad” the scan is, can someone please interpret it for me :slight_smile: is it so bad that the discs arent usuable? (the disc is 4x dvd-r Datalife)

PS: Overall rating 96

The PI errors are a tad high but it should still be in the acceptable range. The PI Failures are fine and you don’t have any PO Failures which is good. I think that disc should play on most players without too much of an issue as long asthe player can accept DVD-R format. :slight_smile:

Here is a scan I recently did on a Sony D11 (@12x) which I thought would turn out pretty bad. [I have the BenQ in an ext. enclosure so the max write speed is only 12x for me.] Even though I had a Qlt. Score of 88, there were just too many PIF spikes & the PIE avg & max was a little too high as well. I’m sure if I used 8x instead of 12x to write, then the numbers will be much better.

No problem at all with the report.
Can you copy the files from the disc back to the hard drive successfully (dvddecryptor all-file-mode with ignore errors set to off)?
Does your set top player have any unusual comments about the disc?