Disc Quality Scan question

I’ve never bothered to scan a pressed DVD movie before, but I did today just to compare the results to that of a typical DVD+R backup. The results shocked me, but I’m guessing there’s an explanation.

The results for the pre-recorded source were simply awful. How awful? Well, I only got through half the disc before it failed. Average PIF was nearly 8, with maximum of 581. Total was over 112,000. PIE averaged 38, with a max of 962 and total of over a half million. Average jitter was over 11%, with max over 18%. The disc plays flawlessly in every player/drive.

I’m guessing that disc scanning utilities were simply not meant for pressed DVD’s, and are specific to recordable DVD due to differences in the way they interpret the pitting of pressed DVD vs. the dye/phase change of recordable. Anyone have any insight on this? Is my assumption correct?

AFAIK pressed dvd’s can be scanned just as well as burned ones. Looks like there is a problem at the layer-break of this disc. Does it pass a Transfer Rate Test (Benchmark tab, F2) in this BenQ? Is there even the slightest scratch or dirt somewhere towards the outer edge of the disc?

There’s a few fingerprints towards the outer edge, but I would think that if the disc was actually as bad as in the scan, or even anywhere close to that bad, it wouldn’t play in any of my players, especially the older one. Heck, I have some backups that have had a couple of PIF spikes in the 12-15 range that cause the disc to crap out in most of my standalone players. After the scan, I was able to rip it using DVD Decrypter with no issues at all, not even a single read-retry.

As for the Transfer Rate Test, it barely gets started when it fails.

That’s strange indeed, although you shouldn’t pull too many conclusions from this one disc alone. The BenQ obviously doesn’t like it very much and they are known to be peculiar scanners for anything they didn’t burn themselves. Maybe someone else can shed a little more light on this. :slight_smile:

What with the same drive??? Seems very strange to me!

Anyway, here are two pressed disc scans: 1st SL 1 year old, 2nd DL 4 years old.

Your quality scans are meaningless unless you first remove those fingerprints. Even one small fingerprint can look hideous in a quality scan!