Disc quality, reliable?

How reliable is disc quality?
Just got some Sony DVD-R (ritek-taiwan) which has no problem in TRT scan.
The result is better if I record with Pioneer but much worse with Liteon, same speed 8x :confused:

Those scan results looks horrible even unrealistic. I would suggest to try scanning the disc again using another drive. Sony branded RITEKF1(16) produce high quality burns on most drives.

Results should look like more like this:

Sony DVD+R (RITEKF16 dye)

Maxell DVD-R (RITEKF1 dye)

Update: Can you post scan result from the disc burned with your Pioneer drive?

Scan on the same drive, but at 4X.

Here’s the result with Pioneer:

16X :

4X :

That looks much better that the first one. What was the burn speed of the disc?

I burn at 8X

It seems Disc quality scan doesn’t actually read data and it just measures errors.
I tested the disc burned by Liteon with Benchmark tab (TRT scan) and now it reads data with slowdown:

Yes, thats right.

That´s the reason why a scan at full speed don´t show speeddrops while a transfer do it. But it also depends on the scan-drive. My Benq often shows “No additional sense error” at bad burned/degraded media and stopped the scan, but stays at high rpm till I klick OK

But my experience is: Because of lower readspeed the begin of a bad burned/degraded media a transfer looks OK while a scan shows bad quality. And if the scan looks really bad the quality is really bad.

So a scan is IMHO better than a transfer test/Scandisc in CDSpeed

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There is huge possibility that iHAS324 is failing. Borrow some other DVD-RW to do the scanning/burning of the specific media batch.

No, it was just the Disc quality scan’s issue.
By the way, it seems Liteon doesn’t like Ritek media id :slight_smile:

My 124 F is also not the biggest fan of RITEKF1 but the results are much better than yours.

Don´t have a x24 E to test it, but I guess theres not much difference to my F


Which issue do you mean?

Thanks, that could be firmware issue. My Liteon can’t burn on Ritek well =/
I had no problem with MBI media id.

Hm, RITEKF1 is very old, even my Benq 1640 know this MID. I know the quality vary, but at least all my F1, sold with x different brands should be better than this

Actual MBI are much more worse than in the past, but mostly readable without problems, high PIF total but the PI max mostly OK

Thanks, what about CMC Mag compared to those two media ids?

CMC also vary a lot, depends on what you get

Some of my older Liteons are also not in good condition like it was if the drives were new. Do you have Verbatim to test?

My Liteon is new, it has no issue with MBI media id.

MBI also have a big vary in quaity, but overall they work.

Maybe you got a real bad batch of RITEKF1, name of the brand?

Sony DVD-R 50x Taiwan

Huh, thats mostly very good F1

Very interesting thread. The quality, as expected, is much better at lower speeds. This will enable higher reading speeds on older drives such as GDR8162B (which limits the reading speed for the whole disc until re-reading + can cause permanent SCSi deadlocks until unplug/poweroff), but for newer disc drives, it should not make a huge difference. For archival purpose, always select low speeds. Error correction and good quality media is vital to compensate for data decay/disc degradation. Gladly, signs are optically visible and damage is more predictable than on hard/flash/floppy drives.

But I wonder, why the error count jumps high at around 300 MiB on the graph.