Disc Quality option inactive in Nero 7 Ultra

I have NERO 7 Ultra and want to use the Disc Quality test in the Nero Drive Speed applet. The start button is grayed out. I have tried blank discs, pre recorded on my standalone as well as discs recorded on my LG 4167B and the test is not available on any of them. The engine version is

I would really like to use this utility to match burn speeds and media as I transfer my movie library from HDD to discs.

Any ideas?


It no worky with LG drives sorry.

What drive do i need to get? I’m about due for a new one anyway! :wink:

I haven’t bought any new scanning drives in quite awhile. Lite-On drives i think are about the only ones left that can scan. I’ve seen mention of NEC/Optiarc drives can but i don’t have one.

Hopefully someone with better knowledge of the new drives out that are decent scanners will post.

I use my old Plextor and BenQ drives for scanning. They are not even made anymore. Sometimes you can find them on ebay.


Here is a thread for finding BenQ’s http://club.cdfreaks.com/f92/benq-dvd-writer-vanishing-192997/


Tell us a little about your system and where you are located-eh!