Disc quality in doubt



Is this a common result?

PIONEER DVR-215D(firmware 1.13 or 1.18-dont remember) - TYG02(THAT’S) burned @ 4x with Imgburn( or remember)

In general and based on various TYG02 scans from cdfreaks i expected better results although usually what i have noticed is scans are done right after burning in which case i get results similar to others posted in the forum.

The disc is scratch free.The discs are stored in 50disc spindles.

I shoud also note that this is not an isolated disc.Most of my 3-4 months discs provide similar results.

Should i be questioning the media, the recorder, the scanner(i am aware that samsung drives are not considered good for scanning by some people in here), the burn speed?

Could my storing choice be related to the results?

Regarding the scanner’s reliability i should mention though that i scanned the same disc 10 times and the results were almost identical.

I am in frustration.I believed that the combination i used would provide better results.I should again note that apart from PIF being over 4 i consider these results as mediocre because of other people’s scans wih same burning combination although i should emphasize again that i havent seen any aging TYG02 scans(3-4 months old i mean-which is not a big time)

Thank you in advance.


Try a 6x or 8x burn, it might yield better results… from what I’ve seen from others’ scans - that doesn’t look too good. Too much PIFs for such a great media.

If it’s fake TY (which I assume it’s not) that would explain a lot of things. :rolleyes:


Rule of thumb: Don’t burn SL media slower than 8x with modern burners, unless you are using media that is certified for lower speeds (e.g. 4x DVD+/-R media which is almost impossible to find these days).


[QUOTE=Grecus;2127304]Is this a common result?

PIONEER DVR-215D - TYG02 burned @ 4x[/QUOTE]

Hi Grecus,
what brand of DVD-R did you burn?


[quote=pepst;2127323]Hi Grecus,
what brand of DVD-R did you burn?[/quote]

So it’s a genuine TY disc.


Here is a recent burn.Same media-speed-recorder-software combination.

Again this is a common result for me with newly burned TYG02.

Dont these results imply that this is a degrading issue rather than a poor burn.:rolleyes:

Is storing in spindles a poor storing method.The discs are perfect scratchwise.

Also regarding PIF Total and Max which in all my scans show weaknesses(PIE total and max are i think at good levels) could you inform me about the average degrading percentages.Is it usual for a TYG02 disc that is scanned after burn to have 2 max-200 total PIF and 4 max-2000 total after 4 months?


No reponses:confused:

I am willing to provide any information and QS and would appreciate the help since the matter concerns a total of 7 dvds out of 31.

Are the things i am asking too dificult?


I find it difficult for 4x speed to be the guilty one.

Numerous QSs with NEWLY recorded TYG02, at 4x and with same recorder, i ve seen in this forum show at worst slightly worse results than burns at 6x or 8x but generally very good,like the second scan i provided and always much better tham my 3-6 months old ones.

1>Can someone confirm that burn speed plays a role in degradation percentage rather or except initial burn quality?

2>And again is storing in spindles thought as a poor method?

Would apprecite the help.


I’d trust TY discs a long way. Did you run Transfer Rate Tests? I may remember wrong but i think 4x is the most used speed when doing QS with Samsung drives. 4x burning was perfect with my LG 4163 and other Pioneer drives but i’m not sure about the 215. Then again the 215 is the best Pioneer i’ve had and i had many :slight_smile:

Anyway as long as you can read the data you can make another backup disc if you don’t trust the [B]That’s[/B] :stuck_out_tongue: When i have bad QS on a disc i make another copy and save both. A bad QS may not necessarily mean a bad disc :wink:

TYG 02 is without a doubt my most trusted id from TY (as long as it’s their best discs and not “value line” even if they may be fine as well)

Storing in spindles should be ok if temperature and humidity is ok


TRT and 4x QS are on their way.

For me it is an issue of expected quality based on the forum’s results versus what i see so far in my scans.

A couple of QS with the same combo and preferrably 3 to 6 months old TYG02 could help.


About the degrading, does differnt burn speed directly affect the pace and final percentage(if there is one)?


There they are.


Either you have defective discs aging too fast, or you have a problem with your storing methods.

I’ve never seen TYG02 discs aging this fast.

The slow burning speed can’t be the cause if it’s at least @4X and in a good burner. :disagree:

The discs are stored in 50disc spindles.
But where are stored the spindles? Heat, UV light and high humidity can ruin your discs very fast…

Anyway, keeping your written discs in spindles is not optimal. At least, you should limit the size to 25-discs spindles IMO.


So from what I gather, they scan like this after a while but scan very well right at the beginning?

I’m with Francksoy on this one. Either the media is degrading for some reason, or the storage method is somehow affecting the readability.

I would burn 5-10 discs and store them in jewel case and burn another 5-10 and store in a spindle. See if there is any difference by doing a scan each week/fortnight for a month or so on each disc, then see if there are any alarming results.


I would see if you have the same problems with Verbatim 16x. (5 pack will do !)
Burn 4 verbatims and 4 TY’s.
Put 2 ty’s in the MCC cases and store 2 verbatims in the same way as you store the TY’s.
Scan disc’s over some time to see if there is any pattern.

It could be TY, it could be your storage method, with the above you should be aware of the factor that’s causing it.


[QUOTE=Grecus;2127485]I find it difficult for 4x speed to be the guilty one.
They are not. I burn all my media at 4x now I get much better quality burns with very low jitter, I have found it to be a myth that you have to burn new (16x) media at greater than 8x. 4x always gives better results than 8x and faster.

I have a few Pioneer drives and TBH dont think that they are a very good writing drive, but then my LG drives seem to be able to do things that others cant ?

I used to keep my media on spindles and now dont, as I think its not a good way to keep them and at the least use single/dual plastic jackets/sleeves in boxes of a few 100’s for the cheap way to do it. I make at least 5~10 DVDs a day and things start to cost the more you have to store. I have loads of 120 disk folders and are trying to move to the ally DJ case storage.


[quote=Lenny_Nero;2129272]4x always gives better results than 8x and faster.[/quote] For you perhaps with your burners and media, but 4x is generally not the best burning speed in modern drives.


I get mixed results with 4x, 8x is more consistent and quicker :wink: That’s discs that are degrading this quick - it’s the end of the world as we know it. There’s no more premium media for us CDFreaks if this is true. :smiley:


[QUOTE=evo69;2129406]There’s no more premium media for us CDFreaks if this is true. :D[/QUOTE]Unlike many others, personally I’ve never considered TYG02 as being among the best media available. I’ve had my share of complaints with them, including early degradation of some of them (but never, ever as fast or as consistenly as what’s described in this thread, far from it :eek:).

Low reflectivity leading to mediocre standalone players compatibility, sloppy bonding, poor resistance to scratches or different physical damages… IMO TYG02 are very consistent, burn and scan very well. But that’s not enough, in my book, to make great discs. Of course, people who swear by scans will love and praise them. Which explains the insanely high ratings they always got at CDFreaks.

As I’ve already stated countless times on this board, as far as TY is concerned, my choice is YUDEN000T02 over the rest by a very significant margin. These are great discs in my book. :cool:

So about your fear, personally I’d rather express it the day when I see MCC004 aging this fast (without a clear explanation like scratches or smudges, that is). :stuck_out_tongue:


[QUOTE=Francksoy;2129486]As I’ve already stated countless times on this board, as far as TY is concerned, my choice is YUDEN000T02 over the rest by a very significant margin. These are great discs in my book. :cool:[/QUOTE]Agreed :clap: I love my YUDEN000T02s. They’re even better than MCC 004 in some cases.
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