Disc problem? Drive problem? Both?

Hi, much confused newbie here.

I have access to a notebook, with a DVD-burner (“Toshiba DVD-ROM SDR6112”) and so far I’ve successfully written 9 discs with it, but now all of a sudden it longer seems to read/write a certain kind of disc.

Now, I’ve been using SKY DVD-Rs and now I’ve heard all the nasty stuff about it, but so far they have worked perfectly. The drive no longer reads the ones it had burned (whereas my own computer’s “HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC4520B” can) and can’t write on fresh ones because Nero waits for the drive to ready for all eternity. It can, however use DVD-RWs and the one Verbatim disc I have.

I got the SKY discs in 3 bundles of five, used up a pack and a half before this started happening. Is it really possible for them to have “gone bad” with time? I notice strange things on the discs that I haven’t seen before, almost like bubbles between layers in the inner, non-writable “core” of the disc. They don’t all have these, though.

Does this situation make sense to anybody? Is there something wrong with the drive? Am I better off getting rid of the discs? Even the ones I already finished?


Sky disc are known to be crap media - read further in media forum about going bad in storage-

Invest a little more in good media like Taiyo Yuden and throw away the crap media - you will thank yourself when - years from now - you still have your files you wrote to quality media-


Thanks. I never thought this could possibly happen with regular burned discs.

I’m fairly sure they don’t sell Taiyo Yuden where I live, but I can get Verbatim . That should be fine as well, right? Any other recmmendations? It’s not like these SKY ones were any cheaper, anyway. I guess I should be doubly angry now. Not only did they sell me crap, I was ripped off, too! Grr.

Well, lucky me that I can still read them in another drive. Strange, that.

Bad media can cause a lot of surprises not only during burning, but even after some years. :iagree:

Yep Taiyo Yuden’s are the best, they burn perfect - check out Bigmike’s post in the bargin basement forum for a link to get themf or .58 each!