Disc pirates put out contract on dogs

New Straits Times is reporting that the two sniffer dogs Lucky and Flo instrumental in the seizure of fake optical discs worth RM10 million now carry a price on their heads.

Link: http://www.nst.com.my/Current_News/nst/Thursday/National/20070322073126/Article/local1_html

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The last I heard was that they couldn’t tell a fake from the real deal :stuck_out_tongue:
I can just imagine that they are sniffing out parallel importers to protect the official importers monopoly and precious overcharged $$$ :stuck_out_tongue:

The two dogs, who hail from Northern Ireland, are said to be the only ones in the world trained to detect polycarbonate and chemicals used in optical discs.They either freeze or sit down when they sniff a nearby haul, and are rewarded by playing with a tennis ball when they have done their job.The dogs were brought to Malaysia last week for a one-month trial by the Los Angeles-based Motion Picture Association. They cannot tell the difference between real and pirated discs, but can detect discs hidden in shipments or concealed places.

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