Disc Outer Edge Erosion

Okay this might seem weird, but I care a lot about the condition of my discs as people who read my question will realize. I was curious if anybody thinks it’s possible for a cd/dvd/bd to be damaged from the outer edge. We know that data isn’t recorded all the way to the edge of a disc. I wonder if the outer edge where data is not stored could be gradually worn away to the point where stored data is destroyed. This obviously would seem like more of an issue for cd/dvds that are filled to near total capacity and used in a slot drive. I buy a lot of games for my PlayStation 3, but I don’t make backup copies. There seems to be a lot of resources for that sort of thing on this site but I’d rather avoid all that as long as my original copies will last. Anybody know something I don’t or have an opinion?

unless you plan on intentionally abusing the discs I doubt for daily usage or playing in a PS3 for example can the disc get eroded, especially from the outer edge. you have a better chance of destroying it if you accidently leave it upside down on a table or near an area where a nice sunny day hits it for a few hours, so to answer your question, NO I don’t think it will corrode and fade away and you lose your info, at least not in your lifetime.

Fingerprints and scratches are most likely to occur at the outer edge of a disc.

If the bonding of the layers in a disc is insufficient, oxidizing of the reflective layer and dye (in recordable media) will start at the inner and/or outer edge damaging those areas first.

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I agree with Xtacydima. I think that if this is possible, it would probably require at least a hundred years of rough use. If the games still work to the day I die, what do I care about what happens afterwards? Dragemaster brings up a good point, but I think it’s mostly earlier cds (from whenever manufacturing processes were less developed) that suffer from oxidation.

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