Disc not released after finalization



Hello everyone
I am having a problem with convertxtodvd not popping disc out after finalization. After disc has burned and “burn complete” appears on the screen, the disc does not pop out. The only way to remove the disc is shutting down computer and restarting. My disc is 16x and my burner is 2 month old and is up to 16x capable. I am burning the disc with convertx at 8x, although I have burned previously at 16x with the same result. The file I am burning is PAL but the output is NTSC. Is that possibly the problem? I thought that would maybe just create some distortion in the picture, if anything but not a problem with finalization. When the burning is occurring I noticed the time bar is at approx 1/4 of the bar but says 5 seconds left. Then the bar shoots all the way to the end within 5 seconds. From this info is anyone able to tell me what, if anything, I am doing wrong. I would post a log but I have no clue how to do it.
Thanks very much for any assistance.


Does CxD finish conversion?
Can you shut it down after conversion?

There is a setting “do NOT eject media when burn is complete” - is this selected?


No the “do not eject media” is not selected. The software notifies me that operation is complete but the disc does not eject as it should do. By notifying me I assume that the it has completed everything. The conversion part is completed. After conversion it automatically burns the file. Convertx does not shut down after notifying me of operation complete. Everything appears normal. The problem is somewhere in the burning. When it starts to burn it states" 11 minutes" as the remaining time. Within 3 minutes it states
5 seconds as the remaining time. Then it just moves the bar all the way over and finishes. When I finally get my disc out, and I have to shut down my computer to do it, I try to play it and my player says “no disc”. It will not even play on the computer. I don’t think it is my burner as I burn files with other programs no problem.


Provide full conversion log please.