Disc Not Read

I often hold down the <Shift> key to prevent protections and autoruns from executing.

When doing so, I can still use CDex to rip my discs.
CDex sees the content on the disc.

I’ve come across a few discs that repeatedly attempt to be read more so than other discs when I hold down the <Shift> key.
This often means there’s an autorun or protection to be concerned about.
After the disc read attempts stop, CDex sees the content.

However, I’ve come across a few discs that cause repeated read attempts.
When it stops, CDex sees nothing ont he disc.
If I eject/reinsert the disc, the disc is read, CDex sees the content and it appears to be a plain old disc purchased years ago with no protections or multimedia. These discs are often childrens music discs.

Has anyone else experienced this?