Disc manufacturers & studios begin realising the cost of Blu-ray

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 At this  stage, the Blu-ray format has got enough backing and momentum to  potentially make it lead the market                   once it reaches the shops; however the movie studios and disc ...
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wait, wait - let me get this straight hollywood choose something thats COSTS MORE to sell to us as a product that technically we have no rights on or with?! or i guess i should rephase that for a news title… “hollywood chooses wrong, again” surprise, surprise

it wont lead anything if no one buys it, these formats are coming too soon, people are only just switching to DVD recorders in any numbers and VHS still has a market share.

“that Sony currently only produces” :o With the new Blu-ray format will they re-release everything that was released in VHS and DVD? How many times do we have to buy the this stuff? :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t have to buy anything just because of a nw format release, unless of course you have more money than sense. :wink:

‘F’ the new formats… my parents just got a DVD player… cuz they were so into the simple VCR. Another change will just piss consumers off… and hell, I’m not gona buy it they start trying to shove it down my throat. Especially if the price is more expensive than current DVD’s. This whole industry has caused all it’s own problems, then blames all the public for them. i wish people were not such “bend over and take it up the rear” people. Stand up against this crap instead of sitting like a fat crap on a log and thinking “Oh the next guy will do it”… Anyone who thinks that should be smaked in the face.

Hmm, those slightly more expensive Maxell holographic discs, are looking better every day! How about 300 movies on one disc in xvid format and no extra SONY rootkit DRM to boot, royalty free as well, and no FBI warnings!, how sweet! Forget Blu-ray it is so yesterday in technology! :X

bd & hd dvd might die off as bill gates hoped…wait our (u.s. :wink: ) isp is !@#$ing slow & expensive the 300gB hologrphic solution sounds better…it would reach 1.0tB by 2008 or 2010 afaik…maxell is aiming for 1.6tB disk; the disk was promised under 100usd :r (300gB should be something like 10 to 15usd as staples of us sold 200gB maxtor hdd for 30usd after rebate)

“Disc manufacturers & studios begin realising the cost of Blu-ray” Hmmm … yes indeed. They should be very concerned about the massive cost in lost sales that will eventuate when people start fleeing from Blu-ray products in droves & sticking with DVD instead ; )

Fleeing in droves? Sorry to tell you this but every release of a new format is a slow start. By the time either of these formats have droves of people using there product prices will be down and manufacturing will be right on pace with dvd’s. Also to DJ Spec just because your family just switched over to dvd dosn’t mean your the average consumer. Most people switched about 2 years ago. Yes it might be to soon for a new format but no one is forcing you to buy it either. These companies know it’s going to be another 5 years+ before they have a good share of the market why do you think they expect to take over dvd’s in a year? Also last I love how people are saying they would love hologram cd’s when they are quoted as being 100x more expensive and wont be out for another 2 years. To say you can put 300xvids on it isn’t comparing apples to apples because were talking about official movie releases not your illegal storage.

Try to remember that one of the reasons why new factories were considered important was because it would mean that companies in China which routinely bootleg normal DVDs (and will have absolutely no problem bootlegging HD-DVD) would be unable to bootleg this new product for a few years. The high start-up cost is not an unexpected factor. And all the complaints that a high res format is not needed - try watching a DVD on a projector and then say that.

Whiel I do agree it’s way too early for the average consumer to worry about post DVD formats, I have to disagree with your VHS comment. Major rental shops in the US (Hollywood, Blockbuster) have gone pure DVD and only leave their current aging VHS stock for people that haven’t made the switch yet, but for the most part, they’re aren’t buying new movies in VHS. Retailers (Wallmart and Target) have virtually wiped their VHS stock, the only new VHS tapes these retailers pull is children only videos (easier for kids to handle).

And all the complaints that a high res format is not needed - try watching a DVD on a projector and then say that. Perhaps, but old movies transferred to BluRay can’t create quality where it doesn’t exist. Only digitally filmed movies and 3D rendered movies can make use of a ‘better than DVD’ format.
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Every film - not just “digitally filmed movies” - has greater detail than what a DVD can deliver. Even a recent film doesn’t look as good on DVD as on film. Mind you the problem isn’t really with DVD per se, it is with the current television resolution being so far below film resolution. I suggest you borrow a video projector from work if you can just to get a sense of why a higher res standard will be really nice.

As long as there are two formats neither will do well. Just look at the two high-resolution audio formats, DVD Audio and Sony’s SACD. Both of these formats are dieing a slow painful death. Sony is the lead developer of Blu-ray and the same company that gave the portable mp3 player market to Apple. They had a portable mp3 player on the market before Apple. They were the gold standard in portable devices with the Walkman name. They designed an onerous DRM software program that had to be used with their portable mp3 player. The early adopters and the electronic magazines rejected it as unusable because of the onerous DRM software, which costs them the portable mp3 player market. Some major players in the computer industry have either endorsed HD-DVD or are beginning to back away from Blu-ray due to the draconian DRM software that Sony wants to utilize. See these articles on www.Cnet.com- Microsoft and Intel endorse HD-DVD, Blu-ray group and HP at odds. Sony has also sworn to plug the analog hole. They have told home theater magazines that the analog outputs of the Blue Ray player will only output at 480p. So if you have a HDTV with just analog inputs, ten million sold in the US alone, Blue Ray will do you no good anyway. If HD-DVD allows their players to output 720p or 1080p from their analog outputs they will have the early adopters, who own most of those ten million HDTV’s, lining up at the door. This; in the end will be the downfall of Blu-ray.

someday a guy in the states will look above his head and discover than the world does not begin and end in his country :wink: