Disc Manuf & Dye Type: Where? Kprobe?

Is dye type determination of CD-R/Ws only available through a LiteOn drive and Kprobe? (I would hate to have to buy a LiteOn just for this while I wait for the Plextor 708A price to slide down). If not what software does it?

I have looked around various topics, and searched for where I could get information such as:

Disc Manufacturer maybe =
RiTEK JS-dye
Taiyoyuden,DX Dye

(Specifically the JS, G, Tuned-X, DX , etc dye type).

I don’t get that kind of ATIP(?) info using Nero, or InfoTool 2.00, but it seems many/most use LiteOn drives and Kprobe…

Use SmartBurn or DVDInfo, see if they meet your needs.

Thanks, though it looks like a LiteOn drive will be required. Oh well.

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If not what software does it?

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CDSpeed > Extra > Disc Info

the latest CDDVD Speed is 2.11

…here’s the list of the manufacturer ( & more ) ID utilities :

SmartBurn 3.17

Feurio 1.67 ( CD Writer > Extras > Output ATIP info )

Nero CDSpeed ( Extra > Disc Info ), Nero InfoTool ( Disc tab ) - both can be found here

CDR Identifier 1.63

KProbe ( Disc Info tab )

CD Doctor ( Info tab )

Those were all nice links and I am very surprised kprobe worked on my non-LiteOn drive, but let me rephrase my question:

I am interested in looking up the “Disc Manufacturer maybe [sic]” or perhaps it is called “Manufacturer ID.” Specifically I want to see a suffix from the ATIP or whatnot saying “JS, G, Tuned-X, DX , etc” instead of just Ritek or Taido Yuden. This is so I can compare batches of CDRs beyond what is normally available, e.g. TDK-branded, Ritek, 48X.

Or is there a table I could use to interpret the “Usage” and “Recording Layer” information in that CDSpeed screenshot?

Sparse Manufacturer info:

Nero InfoTool 2.00
Nero CDSpeed 2.02
Nero InfoTool 2.07
Nero CD-DVD Speed 2.11
DVDInfo 2.24
Feurio 1.66
KProbe 1.1.26

Could not detect ODD/ASPI does not detect FireWire based drives

SmartBurn 3.16
CDR Identifier 1.63
CD Doctor 1.04beta
PXInfo 1.15
CD-R Tools 2.01a19final

I want to see a suffix from the ATIP or whatnot saying "JS, G, Tuned-X, DX , etc

Try Smartburn version 2.x

Wow, that works. It didn’t crash. Thanks.